Est. 11/23/09

Est. 11/23/09

About Us!

Daniel Garrity is a Washington Native! He Graduated from the Art Institute of Seattle in Culinary. In Washington Daniel was Head Chef for Bakes Place, a high end restaurant jazz club. Since our move to Arizona Daniel is working on opening a Restaurant! Currently he is a Chef for Whole Foods in Scottsdale! They are so lucky to have him!
Daniel is is a loving husband, and is such an amazing dad.

Hollie Garrity is originally from Orange Co., Ca.. but grew up in Mesa, Az. She graduated from International Academy of Beauty. She is now working as a self-employed stylist for Habit Salon!! She is working hard building her clientele. Moving from Wahington to Arizona was a big change for her business so if you need your hair done Call Her!!
Hollie is so in love with her wonderful husband and loves being a mom to their adorable baby girl!

Natalie Parker Garrity born March 29 2010 at 3:07am. She weighed 7lbs 15oz and is 20 in long. Daniel and Hollie anxiously awaited the arrival of their beautiful baby girl. She has such a calming spirit about her. We are so in love with her and together has brought us closer together. Natalie is growing so fast! She is scooting around and pulling her self up! She loves Elmo and the 'popcorn song'!

We are so proud to share our family with all of you!

Friday, June 17, 2011


So our Natalie is almost 15 months! Seriously time flies the 2nd year!! She is such an amazing little spirit in our home. She looks so much like Daniel and is my little shadow! She is a girly girl. She loves putting on lotion, lipstick, purses and jewelry. She is talking more. Her name is a little tricky but if you ask she will say "nananie".. too cute :)

We are looking to buy a home! Yay! There is so much great property available. Hopefully we can find something this summer. I can not wait to have a home of our own. I will need help decorating... I am the worst at it. I want to hire my friend Lauren Diaz.. (i hope you are reading this) to do it for me. So lets all hope she will be available!!

Daniel is working hard with exhausting hours. Most importantly he is working on a business plan for his restaurant. I am so excited for them to be moving forward. Hopefully things will happen within the next 2 years.

We are all going to Newport Beach, Ca for a week in July with my family. June has thankfully flown by. We are desperate for a vacation. Will be in a beach house right on the beach and just steps away from all the shops and restaurants. Sounds heavenly :)

Natalie and I just got back from SLC with Amber and Coltness. We went and Visited Rachel and her New baby Ethan. He is adorable with tons of hair. It was great to spend time with the girls. They're moving to N. Carolina Next month. I'm excited for them.

My work is going well. I love what I do. It's been more challenging then I expected. But remaining as patient as I could be payed off. I will always have room to grow and will always accept new clients!! The salon is adorable and my coworkers are great. However I do miss what I left behind in Washington so much.

I guess that's all for now.


oh ya I turned 30... bleh

Friday, April 1, 2011

Our Baby is ONE!!

Our little Natalie Parker turned one!! I can hardly believe a year ago we were anxiously awaiting for our sweet little baby. She has grown up so fast. We had such a fun party for her a few days before her birthday. I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family here!! (We did the right thing moving to Arizona!!) They made her little party extra special. Since Natalie has turned one, it seems a little sassy, independent, fire cracker has transformed my sweet clingy baby. Just today I was at the mall and she kept running away from me hiding in the dressing rooms.. She is going to keep us on our toes. I love my sweet girl and am enjoying every second of being her mom!!! Happy 1st Birthday Nat-A-Tat!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

2 more Weeks!!

How is it possible my baby will be 1!! It's seems so unreal! I absolutely love this little girl to pieces! Being a mother is so much more than I expected! I love every second of it! Every milestone I've taken to heart.
At 11 months old Natalie says "Mama" and "Dada", she also says "hi", "Boo" (as in peek a boo) "Ball" and "Bath" (although they kind of sound the same). She also makes the monkey sound "ah ah". I really think her vocabulary is going to double in another month. My favorite is when she saya "Hi Dada"... so smart!!
Natalie is walking and getting better and better at it everyday! She looks so cute walking around in her new sandals :) Natalie loves babies! She has 3 baby dolls that she kisses and pats and combs their hair. She also combs her daddy's hair too! She loves to be pretty and loves when I put on "blush" using my makeup brush, and will take the lotion bottle and pretend to put lotion on her hands and in her hair. I love that she is embracing all the girlieness!!
Natalie is so eager to learn. She points at everything and I explain the best I can. If you ask her where the fan is, she points right to it. She also points to everyone in the family (Grandma, Grandpa etc). She loves music and singing songs. She claps and does the actions to the popcorn song, pattycake, and the itsy bitsy spider. We love to read books. Her favorite book is "Tails" she gets excited and climbs in my lap when I pull it out. In the morning we do watch a little Sesame Street. I will sit and watch it with her and talk about everything thats going on! She loves it. Elmo is her favorite!!
At night I loves rocking her and singing to her as she falls asleep. Her sweet face just melts my heart. HEr lips get so pouty and her cheeks so kissable. I never want to forget those precious little moments I have with her. They grow up too fast.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Birthday, Christmas, And A New Year

We are so excited to start another Year together. Natalie has been such a joy! We are anxious to see what 2011 brings for us. Daniel and I are both working hard and keeping busy with our little one. We are loving Arizona. Being close to family has been great, and also getting visits from Daniels family makes it even better. We hope this next year will be even better. We want to be healthy, stay fit, save, maybe a vacation or 2, or even start to grow our family by the end of the year :0) I love Daniels optimism it really helps me keep my mind on track. So my ultimate goal is to be positive, and look for the good in everything I do.

Natalie is 9 months old! We have enjoyed every second with her. She is crawling, waving, climbing, standing, and saying ma ma! She loves to feed herself, and loves her veggies. This is a fun age and am looking forward to another month of new milestones! Maybe she'll start walking!!! Natalie loves her cousin Harlo, she always gets excited to see her. It's so cute they will lean in to eachother to give kisses. Too cute!

Daniel Celebrated his 27th Birthday! We were lucky to have his dad in town to celebrate the holidays with. Daniel is such a hard worker. I appreciate and love him so much!

It was Natalies First Christmas!! She loved all of her presents. I thought for sure she would be all about the wrapping paper.. but nope! She wanted her presents :)

Monday, December 6, 2010


Thanksgiving this year was so fun!! Daniel's mom and stepdad came in town from Victoria B.C. I am so lucky to have such wonderful inlaws! We had such a great "feast".. Daniels Turkey was by far the best turkey I have ever had. I watch all the shows on food network... I idolize Bobby Flay (and yes I did make his vanilla pecan pomegranate roasted brussel sprouts which were amazing) I compare Daniel to him!! Daniel makes perfect meat. It is always tender juicy and full of flavor. So Daniel has one uped Bobby Flay!!!

We also headed off to beautiful Sedona. that place makes me excited to be old. It's the best place to retire to! The homes all have breath taking views of all the red rocks! Living in Az has it's benefits. You can drive 2 hours and be in snow! We had fun.

We also took Natalie Horseback riding! She loved it!

Baby Colt!

Congratulations to Sam and Amber and their beautiful baby boy Colt Steven Daley! Amber did absolutley amazing! The whole family is doing great! I was honored to be in the room when little Colt was born. It was a very beautiful and spiritual experience witnessing a new life enter into our world. Amber and I arrived at the hospital around 1 pm, Sam followed shortly after. Amber was calm and in no pain!!! By 9pm she was ready to push... 23 minutes later Colt was here! It was so amazing to be apart of his birth. It made me excited to have another baby (not any time soon!).

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

All about Natalie...

Our beautiful Natalie is 7 1/2 months! It is so fun to see her grow. Everyday she's learning something new. In the last month she's clapping, waving, she can go from laying on her back to sitting all on her own, she lays on her back and scoots around the house, and of course eating solids. So much in a month.. i'm excited to see what the next month will bring.

Speaking of solids...
Something I love is making Natalies baby food! It saves so much money doing it your self and it's fun. I couldn't do it with out my vita mixer. I have this awesome baby food storage container that freezes perfect portion so I can make a lot and use as much as I need through out the week. Lately I've just been blending up what we have for dinner for her. The other night we had turkey burgers and sweet potatoes.. so did she! I'm not being shy really with seasoning her food (i of course watch out for salt) but as far as spice i've been more lenient. She is getting to the point that she won't eat the store bought stuff... uh oh another food snob :)